Let’s Get Going: Preparing for Post-Covid

The AAETS conference programme will feature 6 hours of content and the expert speakers will share their insights on the most pressing topics and challenges in aviation training and technology in a Korean, regional and global contect. Attendees will be able to engage in live Q&A sessions with all our speakers.

The conference will be conducted in English with simultaneous Korean translation.

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Conference Chair: Chris Long

1300-1330 Korea Standard Time (0400-0430 UTC)
Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses

3. Blair Cowles, Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Safety and Flight Operations, IATA

1330-1445 KST (0430-0545 UTC)
Session 1 – Collecting and Using DATA
We look at the Pilot Demand in Asia, and the research and collection of Big Data used to refine training by applying EBTA techniques.

1. Chris Ranganathan, Chief Learning Officer, CAE
Pilot Demand in Asia and the Use of Data
2. Dr. James Klinect, CEO, The LOSA Collaborative
EBTA Lessons from LOSA for Restart
3. Captain Chun, A350 Captain, Flight Crew Training & Development, Asiana Airlines
Implementing EBTA

1445-1455 KST (0545-0555 UTC) Break

1455-1630 KST (0555-0730 UTC)
Session 2 – A Universal Tool – AR/VR? The Challenges of a UAM Solution
Is AR/VR the answer for training? What does operating a UAM system look like?

1. Mark Dransfield, Founder, Sim Ops
New Simulation in Flight Training Platforms
2. Arnaud Lozahic, EASA – European Union Aviation Safety Agency
3. TBD, Volocopter

1630-1640 KST (0730-0740 UTC) Break

1640-1755 KST (0740-0855 UTC)
Session 3 – Post-Covid Training for Flight Crews
Readying crews for return to service post-Covid.

1. Bo Bennekov, CEO/Founder, Bolverk XR
Learning Better Using Motoric Memory and Repetition
2. Nicolai Bondo Rasmussen, Head of Training, Sunclass Airlines
360° Training
3. Steve Mercer, Standards Training Manager & Dave Swarbrick, Deputy Standards Training Manager, Emirates

1755-1805 KST (0855-0905 UTC) Break

1805-1920 KST (0905-1020 UTC)
Session 4 – Complete Sequence of Ab Initio Pilot Training
What does the complete training sequence for an ab initio pilot look like using the latest technology/processes?

1. Richard Brecknell, Technical Director, Symbiotics Ltd.
Joined-up Assessment in a Disjointed World – Effective and Robust Remote Selection and Assessment
2. Colin Rydon, Group CEO/COO, Pilot Flight Academy
New Model of Ab Initio Pilot Training
3. Captain Mark Slade, Head of Training & Captain Gerry Humphries, Deputy Head of Training, Atlantic Flight Training Academy & Captain Rich Macilurath, Ryanair
A Precision Approach: Bridging the Gap

1920-1930 KST (1020-1030 UTC)
Conference Wrap Up

*Conference programme and timings subject to change.