2018 Conference Proceedings

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Day 1 – Wednesday 7th March 2018

Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses
1) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2) Il-Hwan Sung, President & CEO, Korea Airports Corporation
3) Captain John Billington, Director, Civil Aviation Training Solutions, CAE 
Data-driven Training Insights (PPTX)

Session 1 – Korean New Training Technology
1) Wondo Kang, Director, Samsung Electronics
Latest Technology (PDF)
2) Professor Jong Hyun Wi, Chung-Ang University Korea
Gaming for Training (PDF) 
3) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport
The Past and Future of Korea’s Pilot Training Policy (PDF)

Session 2 – MPL & New Training Tasks
1) Captain Khaled Al Sheebani, A330/A380 Training Manager, Etihad Airways
MPL Experience (PDF)
2) Robin Pijnaker, Managing Director, Flame Aviation 
Whole Crew Fire Training (PPTX)
3) Paul Kearney, Chief of Standards, Milson Flight Systems Centre, & Sean Kim, Team Leader, Milson Flight Systems Centre, Massey University School of Aviation
Introducing Glass Cockpits to Ab Initio (PDF)

Session 3 – Cabin Crew Training
1) Søren Seindal Agner, Owner, Aeroteam
Benefits of Learning Games and Simulations in the Classroom Environment (PDF) 
2) Trevor Jensen, Director, AA Nova
Customer First, Safety Always, Training to Balance the Daily Dilemma (PDF)
3) Aye Aye Naing, Cambodia Airways
Cabin Crew Instructor Selection and Training (PDF)

Day 2 – Thursday 8th March 2018

Session 4 – Maintenance Training
1) Phyl Durdey, CEO, Flightline Training Services
Training for MRO Technicians (PDF)
2) Thomas K. Vaidhyan, CEO, Aten Inc.
Artificial Intelligence VR/AR Training for Aviation Maintenance Training (PDF)

Session 5 – Pilot Training
1) Jin-Yong Jung, General Manager, Aviation Training Center, Korea Airports Corporation
KAC’s Jet Training (PDF)
2) Ping-I Lee, Chief Pilot, Basic Training Section, EVA Airways
Training the Trainer – EVA Airways’ Journey to Implement EBT (PDF)
3) Philippe Crebassa, Vice President, ENAC & Wilson Kao, Founder & Managing Director, Apex Flight Training Academy
Partnerships – the Key to Excellence in Aviation Training (PPTX)

Session 6 – Further Educational Projects
1) Michiel Vreedenburgh, Chief, Implementation, Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) and Global Aviation Training (GAT) Programmes (PPTX)
2) Per-Arild Konradsen, Founder, FIRST Scandinavia
New Initiative Supporting STEM in Aviation (PDF)
3) Seungwon Shin, Manager, Strategic Planning Team, Flight Training Center, Korea Aerospace University
Smart Training in Aviation (PDF)

Session 7 – Ideal Crew Behaviours
1) Karen Moore, Principal Occupational Psychologist, Symbiotic Performance Solutions
Monitoring Mental Health (PDF)
2) Dr. Victor Ujimoto, University of Western Ontario & Captain Bohun Kwon, Ph.D., Korean Air
Strategies for Developing a New Safety Culture (PPTX)
3) Captain David Evans, Senior Check Captain, Qantas
QF32 – Resilience/CRM