Captain Aric Oh

Captain Aric Oh

Captain Aric Oh is formerly the Senior Vice President of Flight Operations, Asiana Airlines. Previous to that he was Head of industry and International Affairs of Singapore Airlines Flight Operations. 

He has 47 years of extensive aviation experience covering training, flight operations, technical, CNS/ATM matters, route/flight planning, fuel management, ICAO work at various study groups/task forces, and working with international organizations. He was the co-chair to the IATA Asia Pacific/North Asia Regional Coordination Group representing some 290 airlines worldwide, member of IATA OPC Committee and AAPA’s Technical Committee, and was formerly IFALPA’s Regional Vice President for Asia East.

Captain Oh holds two Masters’ degrees majoring in Business Adminstration and Public Administration/Communications, earning top academic recognition in both disciplines. He was a recipient of the prestigious IFALPA Scroll of Merit, an accredited aircraft accident investigator and member of ISASI, and a recognized Fellow at both the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics in the United Kingdom.

MPL – Real or Mirage?

Review the challenges and issues facing MPL adoption in North Asia.

Potential issues, obstacles and barriers to MPL – regulator control or managing a process?

Who decides – Airline/Regulator/Training Partner

Benefits and costs saving – Is MPL simply for cost savings?

Training focus – does MPL support EBT/AQP? MPL as a total training approach – competency and performance based.