Frank Hugger

Frank Vieira Hugger, Director Sales & Marketing, MINT Software Systems

Frank is managing the global sales and marketing team at MINT Software Systems, overseeing all sales and customer acquisition activities including sales presentations, marketing, social media, and corporate communications, as well as the organization of conferences and events. Besides being a passionate family father, Frank is an enthusiastic aviator, who loves to fly private sports airplanes and riding his retro Vespa scooter, whenever his busy calendar allows.

Documentation, Analysis and Record Keeping of Competency Assessments

The competence assessment of engineering and maintenance personnel plays a significant role in the EU Commission regulation for continuing airworthiness of aircraft and components. These assessments have to be specified, conducted and the results have to be documented appropriately and analyzed. They become a prerequisite if someone gets appointed for a position in maintenance, management, and quality audits. However, many organizations are struggling with reliable documentation and analyzing the massive amount of data.

On the other hand, reliable and working methods of electronic data collection have been standard in many flight operations departments for years. During flight crew training, especially under ATQP/AQP regulations, appropriate e-grading tools for efficient and secure data collection and sophisticated reporting and analysis are used. Of course, these tools could be used in many other industries as well. Interestingly and to some surprise, electronic data collection is not (yet?) standard in the engineering field, but could be easily applied by MROs as well, as we will learn during the presentation including a short demonstration of an e-grading example.