Hyunmi Choi

Hyunmi Choi, Co-CEO, Edutester

Hyunmi Choi has been in the field of aviation content development since 2010. She started in Aviation English Test development for Korean pilots and air traffic controllers and specializes in education; this naturally led her interests towards the field of aviation education and training from ab-initio to professional pilots. As co-CEO of the company, Edutester, she has carried out several aviation training content development projects in Korea. Currently, Edutester is conducting ab-initio pilot training program development in partnership with ICF, based in the UK.

Standardization of Pilot Training Program in Korea

This presentation introduces an overall snapshot in developing the standardized ab-initio pilot training program in Korea. The project is working in its final stage. It explores a new angle of improving a traditional/maneuver-based training curricula with an attempt to incorporate non-technical skill sets, such as risk management/ADM and SRM skills, along with lessons learned, opportunities and challenges, and achievements that evidences the on-going commitment and passion of all parties involved.