Kevin Khoo

CAE’s Competency Based Training Innovations – A Closer Look at MPL

Kevin Khoo, Regional Program Manager – Asia Pacific, CAE Civil Aviation Training Solutions

Mr. Kevin Khoo was appointed CAE Regional Program Manager-Asia Pacific in November 2018. Based in Singapore, Mr. Khoo’s primary focus are developing and implementing commercial aviation training solutions for our regional customers. These include MPL, cadet programs, training programs for new aircraft types and participating in the development of new innovative training technology, among others. 

Prior to joining CAE, Mr Khoo was the president of a commercial flight training academy in Asia and was responsible for developing and implementing the first national MPL program and driving the development of innovative/disruptive technology in pilot training. A commercial pilot with a Singapore-based airline for 15 years, and has flown aircraft types ranging from the Airbus A380 and A310 to Boeing 777. Mr Khoo holds an air transport pilot license and is also an instructor pilot. Prior to his flying career, Mr Khoo is a trained Licensed Aircraft Engineer (CAA UK) type rated on B737, B744 and A330. As an experienced aviation professional, Mr Khoo is proficient with airline standard operating procedures and regulatory requirements; and is passionate about training the next generation of aviation personnel.

Throughout his career, Mr Khoo has received several awards, such as Best Pilot (in training) and Director Award for best performance form local airline in 2001. Mr Khoo is a member of the board of consultant for MBA program in a local University and immediate past President of the Airsport Federation of Singapore.

Mr Khoo completed his tertiary education in Aircraft maintenance engineering from AST Scotland (formerly known as Aeronautical Engineering College). He is married with 2 children. He enjoying building and flying experimental aircraft, aeromodelling and playing badminton.