Capt. Leonardo Mecca

Captain Leonardo Mecca, Head of Leonardo Helicopters Asia Pacific & Malaysian Training Operations

His career in the aeronautical world started 35 years ago and included a wide range of operational flying jobs, gaining experience in aerial work, HEMS, airlines, public transportation, instruction etc. Leonardo joined Leonardo Helicopters (formerly AgustaWestland) 19 years ago where he started as instructor, successfully rising to the role of Chief Pilot, then Head of Training Worldwide and for four years now, he is proudly responsible for new growing Asia Pacific Training Operations and Malaysia Training Academy, supporting all the customer training needs in the region. This specifically includes making full use of the new technologies applied in the new dimension of the world of the simulation for pilots and engineers.

The Importance of Recurrency Training in Maintenance

Traditionally, the approach to rotary wing pilot and engineer training has followed that of fixed wing, with a relatively late adoption of simulation, largely due to economic and regulatory factors. At the 2014 WATS conference (a few years ago now) there were calls for more use of simulation within rotary wing training for both pilot and technicians and much has happened since then. The need for pilot recurrent training, confirmed almost worldwide for many years, has not been mirrored with the same level of conviction for engineers. However, largely due to a lack of regulation in the region, recurrent training has not been confirmed for engineers in many Asian CAAs. The degree of complexity within new aircraft, together with the continuous evolution of new technologies within the platform creates a need for mandatory recurrent training for engineers, to improve Human Factors and, as a consequence, Safety. At 2014 WATS my slogan for the pilots was “The journey has started, but we are not there yet”, the same slogan is now equally relevant for engineers.