Michael R. Truelsen

Michael R. Truelsen, Owner, The SA Group

Michael R. Truelsen is the second generation owner of The SA Group, which consists of a variety of companies providing turn-key avionics solutions for the civil and governmental aviation communities, for fixed wing, rotary wing and autonomous aircraft applications. In order to deliver turn-key solutions the capabilities within The SA Group includes MRO, engineering, certification, installation, product development, manufacturing and training. Within the training area we have a strong and close collaboration with Aeroteam, in order to cover education and learning methodologies within both the technical as well as the operational area of the aviation industry. Together we have developed the MAYDAY Human Factor Training Concept, as a complimentary learning tool to our excessive catalogue of training courses and educational tools, which we offer to a wide range of airlines and MRO organizations worldwide. 

Michael has been with the company for 18 years and has a wide background within all aspects of the avionics industry, and today he is a key driver for the activities within the group, as CEO of the Headquarters, based in Billund, Denmark.

Gamification for Maintenance Training

The philosophy of training within Aeroteam and The SA Group is aligned in basically all aspects. We focus on the student takeaways and quality of learning, and we want to give the students a fun and interactive experience every time they enter a classroom. Our presentation will focus on our thoughts and experiences with offering interactive training, focusing on our MAYDAY Human Factor Training Concept. Simulations and interactive learning tools in the classrooms brings remarkable feedback, in terms of the fun of participating, but more importantly the learning objectives are delivered interactively, which improves the learning curve drastically. The MAYDAY Human Factor Training Concept provides the facilitator/instructor with the opportunity to not only assess on facts and yes/no answers, but actually assess and comment on the interaction and teamwork abilities in the team and as individuals.