About AAETS 2021

Let’s Get Going – Preparing for Post Covid

The world of aviation must move on – not only must training continue, but we need to select some new thinking and find new opportunities in a post-Covid world. 

Taking place on 2nd June 2021 as a virtual event, AAETS 2021 offers a packed conference programme and high profile branding and sponsorship opportunities, supporting the regional demand for pilots, technicians and cabin crew.

Drawing on a global range of experts, Halldale has put together a conference which reflects the ability of the aviation training industry to adapt to the post-Covid reality by offering current and immediate insights of the practical solutions into the primary training challenges in restarting solutions.

AAETS leads the route to the new normal applications for safe and efficient processes which will be the baseline for global operations and training patterns. This will sustain the resurgence of the travelling demand as the world wakes up again to the growth of domestic and international travel. The broad range of issues addressed will provide guidelines for best practice in the present challenging world of resetting the global task for aviation training, and open the debate for shared expertise and safety issues.

The one-day conference will involve a wide range of speakers and include a focus on examples of the practical application of training technology and methods including implementing EBTA, lessons we can take from LOSA for Restart, Virtual/Augmented Reality Training for Flight Deck and Cabin Crew, Cabin Crew Training, New Simulation Technologies in Flight Training, Preparing Ab Initio Graduates for Line Operation, Effective & Robust Selection and Assessment and Urban Air Mobility training.

In addition, AAETS will present a showcase of companies and their products and services to an international audience consisting of senior aviation professionals.                        

The aim of the symposium is to discuss the best practical applications and future developments in aviation training and technology in a Korean, regional and global context.

Who Attends AAETS?

• VIPs and officials of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea and other governmental and regulatory agencies in Asia.
• Operations and training managers
• National and international industry associations
• Flight training institutions and other training course providers
• Next-generation professionals in the field of aviation.


Conference Programme