About the Organiser

Organised by: Halldale Media Group

Halldale operates in the B2B media and events space but considers itself a training and simulation company. Its focus is on providing information on best practices in training, training and simulation technologies to all safety critical enterprises, globally. It does so via live, and virtual events, print, digital and electronic formats for all devices and platforms at all times.

Since the launch of Military Simulation and Training (MS&T) Magazine 35 years ago, Halldale founder and publisher Andy Smith has focused on S&T as a primary business, it is now the sole focus of the Halldale Team.

2020 marked the thirtieth year of Civil Aviation Training Magazine, itself an outgrowth of MS&T when a group of airlines and industry requested a magazine that could spread the growing, new airline training regimes to the world’s airlines.

Ten years ago Halldale launched a magazine (MedSim) focused on the use of modern training techniques and tools for healthcare improvement and in 2020 rolled that publication into a new title, Safety Critical Training (SCT) to address the wider, growing, high value industry training market.

Halldale has a worldwide network of content providers and subject matter experts with decades of S&T experience as operators of high value equipment or builders of devices and training systems. Our team of experienced editorial/content providers have been hands-on operators, users, designers, builders and sellers of simulation equipment before joining our industry-leading magazines, websites, newsletters and events. All have a sincere desire to improve training  for their user communities.

Our events program was launched in 1998, with the first WATS conference and exhibition, to satisfy demand from the airline training community. All Halldale events are conference led and designed by, and for, our B2B communities to support best practices in training and with the aim of maximizing exhibitor and delegate value.



Hosted by: Korea Airports Corporation

Korea Airport Corporation is a public company for the integrated management of 14 Regional Airports to Gimpo, Gimhae, Jeju, Daegu, Gwangju and Cheongju, Yangyan, Muan, Ulsan, Yeosu Sacheon, Pohang, Gunsan, Wonju – effective construction of the airports, management, operation and fostering and supporting the aviation industry, facilitate air transportation and contribute to the development of the national economy and welfare of the people. 

We are fostering and supporting aviation workers training and installation and operation of training facilities, development equipment production, sales and contraction, overseas airport business implementation and investment, airport noise countermeasure business and resident support business, and aircraft handling business and maintenance business.