Thursday 18th - Friday 19th June 2020

Aviation training must advance to match the new demands of commercial operations. 

The challenge is to blend lessons learnt with the use of the best of new technology and techniques.

The Asian Aviation, Education and Training Symposium 2020 (AAETS 2020) will focus on an in-depth coverage of two major industry training disciplines – Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) & Maintenance Training – in order to identify current best practice. 

Conference sessions will focus on the following elements:

Multi-Crew Pilot Licence

• Current and future regulation
• Practical syllabi – lessons learnt and improvements
• Preferred training equipment/platforms
• Seamless introduction of graduates into airline operation
• Actual measured online performance of graduates
• Rate of Progress to Command

Maintenance Training

• Human Factors
• SMS in maintenance training
• Non technical topics for maintenance training

Each session in the conference hall will be followed by a workshop discussion on that session’s topics. 

Speakers at the 2019 conference represented organisations including; KAC, MOLIT, CAE, Center Air Pilot Academy, MINT Software Systems, Aviation Performance Solutions, FlightSafety International, Leonardo Helicopters, Japan Airlines, Orbit Performance, Aeroteam, US FAA, The Boeing Company and EVA Airways.

The full 2019 conference programme can be viewed here.



Asian Aviation Education and Training Symposium

18-19 June 2020
Seoul, Republic of Korea