Philippe Crebassa & Wilson Kao

Philippe Crebassa, Vice President, ENAC

Philippe Crebassa is the Vice President of ENAC, the European leading Aviation University.

Philippe previously held management and executive positions at the French Air Navigation Services and at Egis, an aviation consulting and engineering group. He was also board member of airport concessions. For 25 years, Philippe has been leading research, development, operations and business for Airport, Air Traffic Management and Air Operations.

Philippe graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, ENAC and the Toulouse School of Economics. He also holds EASA/FAA Private Pilot Licenses.


Wilson Kao, Founder & Managing Director, Apex Flight Training Academy

Wilson C. Kao previously held positions as the General Manager of NetJets China, a Berkshire Hathaway Company with market concentration on aircraft management and charter services. Founder and Chairman of Asia Air Medical (Beijing) Ltd., the first dedicated air ambulance services provider in mainland China. General Manager at Sunrise Airline, a helicopter operator with concentration on HEMS and helicopter construction services. Over 20 years of experience in the general aviation field covering helicopter and fixed-wing services. Graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and holds FAA Commercial Pilot License Multi-Engine Instrument Rating. 



Partnerships – The Key to Excellence in Aviation Training

After recovering from the economic crisis, the air transport industry has been growing again, reaching record profits. One consequence is the increased pressure on the labor market. And studies show that some aviation professions could suffer from a drastic shortage in the years to come. On top of that, there shall not be any compromise on the quality of training which remains paramount for the industry.Partnerships may differ from one place to another in terms of scope, ambition and stakeholders. But they all proved that the partnering approach is highly valuable when considering education and training for a global system of systems like air transport.This statement is documented by educational projects ENAC has been conducting for the last twenty years. One of the most exciting is the project between ENAC (France) and APEX (Taiwan) to provide an integrated ab-initio training solution to airlines and aspiring pilots.ENAC is the APEX strategic and reference partner to enhance its training capacities with the objective to reach and maintain the required level of EASA standards and ENAC quality. This will be achieved through tight interactions between both flying schools to standardise and to supervise the APEX flight training organisation. Based on its experience in ab-initio training and cooperation with other flying schools, ENAC will provide to APEX all required background and know-how.APEX will be an ENAC centre under the EASA ENAC Approved Training Organisation and will be part of the ENAC worldwide network of excellence for ab-initio training.Combining the best of both worlds, ENAC and APEX will develop and perform jointly new capacities to deliver high-end and ready-to-fly First Officers.