Michiel Vreedenburgh

Chief, Aviation Safety Implementation Planning and Support, Air Navigation Bureau, International Civil Aviation Organization

Michiel Vreedenburgh is the Chief of the Aviation Safety Implementation Planning and Support Section of the Air Navigation Bureau at ICAO Headquarters in Montreal since 2013. Michiel has 30 years of international experience in aviation. Michiel has held several positions during the 17 years at ICAO, including Deputy Regional Director in the North American, Central American and Caribbean Office in Mexico City; previously Aerodromes and Aviation Security Regional Officer in the same office; and as Project Coordinator of a Cooperation Project in Bangkok.

Michiel began his career in aviation and airport planning and development working for 13 years for large global infrastructure development engineering and management consulting firms, ascending from project engineer and manager to company Director. Michiel is a Netherlands citizen, civil engineer, and has worked in many countries in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

As part of his current role as Chief of Implementation in Safety, he is assigned the responsibilities of Global Programme Coordinator for the ICAO Technical Assistance Programme for Safety, Regional Organizations, Runway Safety Programme, and the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP).