Robin Pijnaker

Managing Director, Flame Aviation

Robin Pijnaker is managing director of Flame Aviation, a Netherlands-based technology company developing fire training solutions for airlines and training centers around the world.

He holds a bachelor degree in aircraft avionics and business administration. 

After serving in the Royal Netherlands Air Force, he joined Scheiner Aviation Training in 1993. In 2001, he joined CAE’s commercial aviation training division. In 2005 he was co-founder of Flight Simulation Company, developing and delivering flight and cabin crew training to over one hundred commercial airlines.

For the last three years, his entire focus is on the increasing risk of inflight cabin fires. His mission is to improve the proficiency standard in fire training of flight and cabin crew by the development of adequate and professional training equipment and programs.


Whole Crew Fire Training

The cabin has changed. Over the last decade the number of lithium-ion batteries in the cabin has increased significantly. Therewith also the number of incidents related to thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries in the cabin.

What can we learn from recent incidents? Is the proficiency standard of inflight and cabin crew lagging behind? What are the risks today? What is the likelihood this will happen in your cabin? What can be the consequences? What can we do to prevent inflight fires from escalating? Does this require a team approach including the flight crew? These and other questions will be answered by this presentation.