Thomas K. Vaidhyan

CEO, Aten Inc.

A social entrepreneur and architect of three successful start-ups, Thomas K. Vaidhyan is currently Chairman and CEO of Aten Inc., USA and Managing Director of Aten India.

Over and above its IT consulting and custom application development origins, Aten has over the last decade, developed core competencies in serious games design and development and data driven 3D virtual immersive learning environments & simulations with embedded performance based assessments and formative feed-back for immersive training, on the job support, strategic decision making and marketing as well as virtual world creation.

Personally passionate about removing the global barriers to education and bringing about positive social change, Thomas serves as a Founding Board Member with BEST NC (which comprises of 150+ North Carolina CEOs to enhance educational policy advocacy in NC), as well as Board Member of Research Triangle High School (Pioneer in Personalized Learning & Flip Methodology) and as First Robotics Regional and National judge.

An avid tennis player, golfer, foodie and traveller, reading, music, dance (himself a trained Bharathnatyam dancer) and theater are some of Thomas’s other interests.

Artificial Intelligence VR/AR Training for Aviation Maintenance Training

“It’s very easy to learn and grasp as a lot of people are hands on. When I can see something and then do it, I learn better!” – Eisai Pharma user.

“Our Users love our fun, engaging, immersive, game-like simulations that give them a feeling of experiencing a variety of situations while being guided by a Personal Mentor!”

Aten Inc. is an award winning pioneer in the Serious Games/Simulation based training industry, with multiple Fortune 500 clients, involved in early research with North Carolina State University and Virginia Tech.

We shall talk about our experiences from R&D to designing and developing AI driven virtual training simulations and serious games with embedded performance based stealth assessment of functional/soft skill/competencies evidenced by their application in a variety of simulations of real life situations that aviation professionals face on a day to day basis.

These research proven, highly engaging, immersive simulations mimic core experiences that users have in a professional practicum in the field, enabling measurement of different types of learning, tracking of individual strengths/weaknesses and are structured to measure active construction of knowledge, performance on realistic complex tasks and numerous extremely valuable constructs which cannot otherwise be measured. 

Initiated by the Department of Defense, 3D immersive simulations using principles of evidence centered design, have been widely researched by Universities/organisations like the National Center for Research on Evaluation (UCLA), Harvard, NC State, Virginia Tech etc. and a range of Fortune 500 companies. They are accepted across industries as one of the most effective methods of training and assessment.