Korean Air

“Excellence In Flight “

Korean Air, has expanded its global network over the past fifty years, introducing new routes

and increasing overseas sales and now operates to 123 cities in 43 countries worldwide.

The airline is performing a pivotal role in further enhancing Korea’s progressive reputation

around the world and has become a leading global carrier in the world airline community.


Korean Air aims to be proactive and flexible in an uncertain and complicated business

environment with a creative mindset and innovation in business. Moving forward, Korean Air

strives to always meet customer needs and prioritizes flight safety, with continuous investment

and improvements.


For training pilots, Korean Air has diverse and extensive education programs designed to prepare

pilots for next-generation aircraft and sophisticated flight controls, with simulation to prepare for

any flight irregularities. In addition, Korean Air is developing training programs to maximize flight

operation safety and the airline has a training center equipped with high-tech training equipment

and facilities to support the training programs.

Learn more at: www.koreanair.com

Fiona Greenyer

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