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Vocavio introduces TeamDX, a new remote training capability to support pilot CRM skills development.

This training tool is accessed by crew via VR headset from any location (Samsung Oculus compatible) and blends voice biometrics with a time sensitive exercise to enable crew to sharpen their communication and teamwork skills for high pressure events.

At the end of each exercise, the Vocavio software engine processes crew audio in the cloud and then presents a range of objective performance data measuring crew communication, teamwork, workload and system monitoring – all available remotely for pilot-led or instructor-supported feedback and debriefing. 

About Us: Vocavio has been extracting behavioural insights from pilot speech audio since 2012.  This patented voice biometrics software was initially developed by speech scientists at Trinity College Dublin and automatically generates grades of communication and coordination skills of multi-crew pilots.

To discuss how Vocavio software can provide pilot readiness assurance and cost savings for your airline training, contact us info@vocavio.com 

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ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPTII, FNPTII MCC & AATD flight simulators since 1994.

ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPTII, FNPTII MCC & AATD flight simulators since 1994. With more than 400 devices installed and certified in over 60 countries, Alsim provides solutions for flight schools, universities and Army and offers a wide range of generic and specific simulators to cover all training needs, from PPL, CPL & IR/ME up to MCC-JOC, APS MCC and part of MPL phases 1,2 & 3.

Our 3 locations in Europe, the USA and China allow to assist you at all times with a comprehensive range of services that can be mixed and matched to your organization needs.

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CPaT Global, LLC (CPaT) is the market leader in distance learning for the aviation industry. CPaT delivers software-as-a-service applications to more than 250 global aviation customers, serving 60,000+ individual users, and providing over one million hours of training each year. CPaT pioneered the use of distance learning in aviation training more than 25-years ago and has built on that legacy to offer new and imaginative training solutions that are practical, forward-looking, and invaluable. CPaT transforms aviation instruction by providing smart training solutions, and vision for curriculum spanning aircraft systems, general subjects, and operational procedures. For more information, please visit www.cpat.com.

Sales Contact: info@cpat.com or visit www.cpat.com/contact-us